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Online Course Audit Sign-Up

Online Course Audit Sign-Up

For my Online Course Audit Sign-Up, I have enrolled in the MITx 7.00x: Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life. This course, facilitated by Professor Eric Lander and the MIT Biology team, offers an exciting exploration of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology, genomics, and rational medicine. As an educator, I chose this course to enhance my digital teaching methods on topics like cells, genes, and human disease. By experiencing the material as a student, I aim to connect more deeply with classroom content, gaining insights into innovative instructional approaches. I anticipate leveraging this knowledge to enrich my teaching strategies and foster a more engaging learning environment for my students.

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  1. Hi!
    As a former biology teacher I am interested to see what kinds of activities that they have built into this MIT course. I would guess there will be a lot of self-checking questions and multi-media to help illustrate complex topics (they have the resources to build these :)). Hannah was talking about ways to activate prior knowledge – and I wonder what strategies they use in the MIT course to help participants integrate what they know, and to then think about how to apply it to make it more meaningful. Do they take an inquiry approach or is it fairly didactic? Looking forward to your reflections!

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