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EDDL Week 4: Design Models

EDDL Week 4: Design Models

Currently, I am engaged in auditing an online course titled ‘Secrets of Life,’ which delves into the intricacies of cell organelles and various cell types. The utilization of the Dee Fink model is prevalent in this online learning environment. This model is favored for its initiation with situational factors, emphasizing learning goals. Following each instructional video, a brief assessment prompts participants to substantiate their answers, providing constructive feedback for incorrect responses. The three-step process ensures the development of instructive learning objectives, meaningful comprehension, well-structured course content, authentic activities, assessments, and the integration of both course structure and instructional strategy, culminating in a cohesive scheme of learning activities.

The selection of the Dee Fink model for this course was motivated by its online accessibility, accommodating individuals with professional commitments. This model excels in sustaining learner interest by establishing connections with real-life examples. The instructional objectives and learning goals are elucidated, outlining the methodology for goal attainment. The initial video illustrates the interconnectedness of biology with recent real-life examples such as discussions on fingerprints and DNA. Subsequently, the second video outlines the course goals and topics excluded from coverage. The inclusion of assessments after each video ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, evaluating the learners’ knowledge.

In my final assignment, my resonating factors prioritize the integration of real-life examples, instructive objectives, addressing learning challenges, and incorporating assessments after each topic. This approach aims to create a meaningful connection between the subject matter and the learner’s experience, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and effective assessment of knowledge acquisition.


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